Our Projects

We don't  just style products or brands, we create industrial strategies for your project to get into market wisely targeted to your customers.


Every project is an opportunity to overcome expected outcomes and offer to our society smarter and awesome experiences. 

Intrace | Earthquake Rescue Assistant

Intrace is an interior alarm able to notify people inside buildings that an earthquake is approaching. If the building collapses, Intrace delivers location of the people trapped inside to the rescue department.

Avizor 300 | Vigilance Drone

Avizor 300 is a drone able to detect fire weapons by large distance. In this project we design only the styling and brand. We inspire in todays militar stealth forms.

The project is from Colima State 

Moobell | Cow Monitor Earring

Moobell is a cow earring IOT device, able to detect health status, GPS location, and general behavior.

The device sends cattle information to a mobile app for farmers to monitor the cattle and attend any problem on time.

In this project we developed the styling, brand and engineering in collaboration with AIO Technologies.

Voltion | Efficient Energy Saver

Is an electric system able to reduce energy wastes and flaws. Its efficient consumption system delivers savings up to 50% electric consumption in the electric billing while reducing environmental impact.